Registration Euro-Meeting / AGM 2016 (June 3-5) online!

My dear friends,

we finally managed to upload the registration form for the Annual General Meeting 2016 in Germany!

You will find the registration form to your right or simply click here:

We also sent out the official invitation via email. You can also check it out by clicking on the invitation’s first page:

EinladungEinladung [Automatisch gespeichert]








We are sure we’ll have an outstanding weekend. However, hotel rooms will be rare as our region is a tourist spot at that time.

So please make sure to book as soon as possible. Also, to make financial planning easier for us, transfer the money right after your online registration.

You will find all necessary information in the official invitation.

So see you guys in Germany!


By the way: Our Dutch friends are looking forward to our meeting, as well: